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Still image recorder

The USB-170 replaces the ORIGINAL USB-100 Medicapture device.  The USB-170 does all the functions of the USB-100 but does not need the special propritary memory stick.  

It will work with any "off the shelf" USB memory stick.

Also included on the USB-170 is a display on the front panel of the system that allows you to see the image you are capturing.  The USB-170 is available today and we can ship as soon as we receive your order.

You can order online by clicking on the Buy Online Now link in the upper left hand side of this page.

What is a medical still image recorder

The MediCap USB170 is the easy way to quickly create still images of any procedure. Images are digitally recorded directly to a USB flash drive or optional hard drive. Your get a digital image from your analog source.

When you finish recording, just plug the USB drive into any computer. Then you can view the image on your PC or send it to a patient or insurance company.  Or simply store it for your own records. 

The USB170 is easy to use, no training is needed and it's simple to connect. The USB170 is compatible with all video based medical devices including endoscopes, arthroscopes, surgical microscopes, C-Arms, and ultrasound systems. 

Now you can also record motion studies as well as still images.

The USB200 MediCapture records motion just like a video tape recorder or a DVD recorder.

But it does it on a USB memory stick....

Check out the link below to find out more:

Now record in motion with the USB200 MediCap motion recorder

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