USB-200 MediCapture

The USB-200 is a Medical Grade Motion Video and Still Image Capture Device

Perfect for Endoscopes, Ultrasound, C-Arms and Surgical Scopes

Sonoma Health Products is pleased to announce the debut of the MediCap USB200 by MediCapture. The USB200 is the first affordable medical grade recorder to capture still images and video clips directly to a USB flash drive. 

The USB-200 is remarkably easy to use. By saving to a flash drive instead of a DVD disk, the USB-200 eliminates all the headaches associated with DVDs: no more problems with compatibility - no more waiting while a disk is "finalized." And flash drives are reusable and much more reliable than DVDs. 

The MediCapture USB-200 solid-state design is also highly reliable - there are no moving parts. With thousands of units already proven in the field, the MediCap product line has an outstanding record of reliability and ease-of-use.

The MediCap USB-200 provides the doctor with an affordable simple method to import images into patient reports, EMR software or create powerpoint presentations for conferences.

USB-200 Key Features

·         2.5" high-resolution LCD display

·         Capture and record stills and videos simultaneously

·         Footswitch or trigger input for remote operation

·         PAL or NTSC- 120v-220v auto-switching power supply

·         Composite and S-Video In/Out

·         Sealed membrane control panel 

·         FDA, UL2601, CE Certifications

·         Saves directly to flash drive. No special software needed!

·         New Patient button keeps images and videos in individual patient folders

·         Audio In/Out for recording Cardiology studies 

·         Review images and videos on built-in LCD 

The USB-200 MediCapture is simple and easy to use.

No training required! 

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