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Okay we know you don't have money to spend on just anything.

However sometimes you do need to use that "discretionary" extra money in the budget... so here is the best place to find the best deals of the day on ultrasound systems, medical imaging systems and Sony medical products.

This is our what's hot deals page!

You will find great products like Sony medical grade flat panel LCD monitors, Sony B&W video printers, portable ultrasound systems from China and other ultrasound systems, all at terrific prices. Scroll down to check out these deals.

MediCapture USB-170
only $2499

The MediCapture USB-170 still image recorder is now on sale.  This device allows you to record digital still images from an analog video input.  It's the perfect fit for ultrasound, endoscopy or any video based exam.  

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We built Sonoma Health by using a program called SBI!  It created a business for us that was successful beyond all our expectations.  Now we are telling you all about it so you can do the same. 

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CPR Training in Sonoma County California


Get trained to administer CPR at home or in your business.

We are now offering Red Cross and American Heart Association classes in Sonoma County California. Call us at 707-688-8653 for all the details on CPR classes. You can also just click on the link below or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get started.

Sonoma Health CPR

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