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Please review our current used Acuson ultrasound equipment inventory list. We get systems in everyday so if you don't see the system that is right for you give us a call at 707-477-3844. We will configure an Acuson ultrasound system just for you.

These used Acuson ultrasound systems are available now.

We also offer service and annual service contracts on all Acuson systems. Check out our service contract pricing below.

Ultrasound service pricelist

ASPEN Image Gate 7.03 , Tissue Harmonics – Shared Service (S/N: 32XXX)

Cardiac/Vascular/OB Calc. Stress Echo, AEGIS, Color Doppler, CW/PW Doppler Doppler Tissue, M-Mode, Triplex, Auto Doppler Calc., MOD, DICOM Store & Print - Native Tissue Harmonics

Sony SVO-9500MD S-VHS VCR 4V2C NTHI Adult Cardiac (2-4MHz), L7 (5-10MHz) Linear , 4C1 NTHI (1.7-4.0MHz)

Price: $39,200.00

ASPEN Image Gate 6.01 Tissue Harmonics


AEGIS, Color/PW/Doppler, M-Mode, Triplex, Auto Doppler, MOD

4C1 NTHI–Convex, L7 Linear, EC7 Endo-cavity

Sony Color Printer

Price: $28,500.00 – Reconditioned

Acuson 128XP-10 NTHI – Full Shared Service System (Vers. 30) Tissue Harmonics, ART/TCR/CDE/EF – Color Doppler, CW/PW Doppler, M-Mode

4V2C Adult Cardiac, L7 (4-10MHz) Linear, C3 (2-4MHz) Convex, EC-7 (4-7MHz) Endo-cavity, Sony SVO-9500MD S-VHS VCR

Price: $19,400.00

Acuson 128XP-10 NTHI/ ART/TCR/CDE/EF – OB/Vascular System (Vers. 30) Tissue Harmonics, ART/TCR/CDE/EF – Color Doppler, PW Doppler, M-Mode

4C1NTHI Convex (2-4MHz), L7 (4-10MHz) Linear, EC-7 (4-7MHz) Endo-cavity, Sony UP-5600MD Color Printer

Price: $17,800.00

Acuson 128XP-10 ART (New Skin), Version - Y2K OB/Vascular Calc. – ART/TCR/CDE ,Color Doppler, PW, M-Mode

V4 (2.5/3.5/4.0MHz ) Vector , C3 (2.5/3.5Mhz) Convex, EV7 (4.0/5.0/7.0MHz) TV

Price: $11,800.00

Acuson 128XP-10ART (New Skin), Version OB/Vascular Calc. – Color Doppler, PW, M-Mode

C5ART (3.5/5.0MHz) Convex, EV7 (4.0/5.0/7.0MHz) Endovaginal

Price: $9,400.00

Acuson 128XP-10ART, CDE/TCR/EF (New Skin) -Reconditioned OB/Vascular – Color Doppler, PW Doppler, Fetal M-Mode, B-Color

C3ART (2.5/3.5Mhz) Convex, EV-7 (4.0/5.0/7.0MHz) Endovaginal, L7 ART (4-10MHz) Linear

Price: $11,800.00

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