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Ultrasound Service Contract Price Information

Did you know that you can cover your ultrasound system for all possible repair costs at very affordable prices?

Take a look at the ultrasound servive contract price information listed below.

The Sonoma Health price you see includes all parts, labor and travel.

Transducers, printers and recording devices are also all included in this price. (VCR/Video Printers/Multi-Format Cameras/etc.)

More details about the different plans offered by Sonoma Health

Maybe it's time to save some money and go with a Sonoma Health Products ultrasound service contract price today.

Give us a call at 707-477-3844.

SYSTEM Service Contract Cost
(annual rate)
ATL UM9 HDI $4,500.00
ATL UM4 $2,970.00
ATL HDI 3000 $6,500.00
ATL HDI 3500 $8,500.00
ATL HDI 5000 $9,500.00
ATL HDI 1000/1500 $6,875.00
Sonosite 180 Plus $2,950.00
Toshiba 220 $3,575.00
Toshiba 380/7000 $9,500.00
Toshiba Nemio $9,500.00
Toshiba Aplio $9,500.00
Toshiba Just Vision $4,400.00
HP 500/1000/1500 $4,950.00
HP 2000/2500 $5,500.00
HP 4500/5500 Rev B or Lower $8,000.00
HP 7500 $9,550.00
HP Image Point/1800 $6,150.00
Acuson 128xp $4,000.00
Acuson Aspen $6,350.00
Acuson Sequioia $11,550.00
Acuson Cypress $4,000.00
Acuson X-150$6000
Acuson X-300$7,500
Siemens CV70 $10,550.00
Siemens Antares $14,550.00
Siemens Omnia $6,800.00
Siemens Elegra $9,000.00
Siemens Versa $5,500.00
Siemens Sienna $5,500.00
Siemens Adara $4,250.00
Siemens G60 $7,900.00
Siemens G50 $7,200.00
Siemens G40$6000
Siemens G20 $4,200.00
GE Logiq Book $2,850.00
GE Logioq 100 $3,000.00
GE Logiq 200 $3,250.00
GE Logiq 400 $4,750.00
GE Logiq 500 $4,750.00
GE Logiq 700 $8,000.00
GE LogiqI $4,400.00
GE Logiq 3 $6,000.00
GE Logiq 5 $7,500.00
GE Logiq 7 $9,250.00
GE Logiq 9 $10,250.00
GE Vivid 3 $7,000.00
GE Vivid 4 $7,000.00
GE Vivid 5 $7,000.00
GE Vivid 7 $12,500.00
GE Voluson 730 PRO $12,000.00
GE Volusaon 730 Expert $13,000
Sonosite Titan$4950
Sonosite 180 Plus$2950

(For systems with more than 4 probes there will be an additional charge.  Please call us for specific details.)

Don't see your system listed above? Please give us a call for a quote on any system you have.

Remember all costs of service are covered during your contract period.

And, we also offer a less expensive program, the PM Service Contract. As an alternative to our full coverage contract you pay only $1500 per year and get two preventive maintanance service calls during the year. During these PM calls we completely check your system and clean the inside of the system professionally.

Any time during the contract period, if your system requires service you get a 30% discount on all replacement part costs. Also, you pay an hourly labor rate of only $130 per hour instead of our standard $185 per hour rate.

Just give us a call at 707-887-2974 with any questions. Or if you prefer send us a note with your questions by using the form below.

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