Sony LMD-2110MD monitor

The LMD-2140MD is a widescreen medical grade 21.5 inch monitor. The LMD-2110MD incorporates a full HD TN (Twisted Nematic) type LCD panel that provides 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

This medical grade monitor is equipped with a 10-bit signal processor to reproduce lifelike images with smooth gradation and accurate color consistency.

The monitor accepts a several SD signal inputs and features an HD signal input via either HDMI interface or analog component connectors.

Do you need HD SDI capability?
HD-SDI input is possible with the BKM-341HS option board.

The Sony LMD-2110MD monitor's outstanding picture quality, versatile inputs , and lightweight compact design make it an ideal cost-effective choice for easy integration into a variety of applications such as a doctor's office or operating room.

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