Sony Monitor
roll stand

Only $895 when purchased separately ...

$795 when purchased with any Sony monitor

Variable Height Monitor Roll Stand for Sony Flat Panel Displays as well as any other VESA standard display.

Great for every Sony medical grade monitor such as the Sony LMD-2140MD or LMD-1950MD monitors.

This is the right Variable Height Monitor Roll Stand for applications when viewing over obstacles: It goes to the exact viewing height you want in your surgery suite or office.

Min. height = 47" (119.5 cm) Max. height = 61.5" (156.5 cm)

Features a 25" (63.5 cm) base with built-in 21 lb (9.5 kg) counterweight for stability. VESA 75/100 mm compatible.

Operational spring load weight = 23lbs. (10.4 kg) This keeps the monitor very stable and safe in surgical environments.