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The following links have been added to over the years because we find the topics interesting. We in no way recommend any of the sites or products at these links.  They are listed here for your reference only.

The subject in these links ranges from botox treatments to cardiovascular care and everything in between. We hope you find something of interest.

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Used Medical Equipment- Alaka Medical Systems, Inc. is an exporter par excellence of pre-owned & used medical equipment. We specialize in all areas of diagnostic imaging equipment, and supply our worldwide customers with high quality systems from all the major brands

Arthritis provides helpful information written by a board certified doctor specializing in arthritis. Learn about arthritis treatments and arthritis medicines, how to get arthritis relief and what to do about joint pain, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

Health, Exercises, Food and More - Info about Health, Exercises, Food and More...

Is Botox for you? Description : Puremedspa is North America’s largest day spa providing aesthetic services such as Botox injections, restylane injections for plump lips and an improved skin appearance.

Microcurrent Systems Microcurrent Systems, manufacturer and supplier of micro current equipment and software. Using nano technology to help those in pain and as a painless alternative to surgical cometics.

LAP-BAND Surgery Center
Regain control of your life and body, as well as improve your health – all with True Results and the LAP-BAND® procedure.

Title: Hemorrhoids
Desc: Find out what hemroids are, their causes, how you can prevent them, different types of treatment for internal and external ones, and some natural remedies that would stop them. Visit us at for more info

Herbal Remedy For Vagina Tightening - Secret Herbs presents Gripper, herbal remedy for vagina tightening.

Colon Cleanse Welcome to Best Colon Cleanse, the useful review site of body detoxification and colon cleansing products. Read how a cleansing diet can detox your body, help you lose weight and improve your digestive system. Browse today!

Medical Scrub Buy with confidence with our \"No Hassle Return Policy\". If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase you may simply send it back. We will make it right or refund you money.

Medical Gloves - Compression Store Inc. is the largest Juzo & Jobst only online dealer. By Offering only the highest quality product means fewer returns, saving us money which we in turn pass on to you.

Medical Record Software - Decrease office and clinical Workload and Stress. Get instant evaluation of your home health care agency's total paperwork efficiency, and our collection of 12 performance improve plans

New York City Face Lift - Dr. Kolker is a qualified and expert face lift surgeon practicing in New York City.

Manhattan Botox - Dr. Jonathan Abenaim performs Botox Cosmetic treatment injections to smooth your skin safely and rapidly in Manhattan, NY.

Dental Implants Queens - Dentists at Gentle Dental in Queens perform top quality dental implants procedure.

Orthodontist Manhattan - Dr. Edward is a leading orthodontist in Manhattan.

Medical Office Supplies - Danlee Medical located in Syracuse New York a distributor and manufacturer of medical supplies for Burdick, Quinton, Schiller, Kendall, Conmed, Vermed, Ambu Blue Sensor, ADC, 3M, Parker Labs.

Chino Cosmetic Dentist - Latest smile enhancing and dental treatment by Chino cosmetic dentist Dr. Margareta M Gavrila DDS. Serving the communities of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County & Riverside County, California(CA).

Austin Allergy Testing - Austin Allergy Doctor provides allergy testing and treatment for permanent relief of allergies. We specialize in food allergy testing for symptoms that have coincided with ingestion of new or exotic food.

CPR Recertification

- Online CPR certification course and First Aid Certification course for Community, School, Workplace and Healthcare Providers. We offer fast and easy online CPR Certification, Recertification Course, Classes & Training.

Holistic Alternative Medicine - Center for Health and Healing provides holistic alternative medicine, holistic health healing services, hormone therapy, and natural treatment therapies in Austin, Tx.

Asthma Treatment - Buteyko Center USA offers educational and wellness programs on the Buteyko Breathing Method. Our method helps in overcoming various illnesses, especially asthma, COPD, allergies, stuffy nose and other breathing difficulties.

Dallas Porcelain Veneers - Get the best results with porcelain veneers procedure performed by Dr. Alhadef in Dallas.

Eye Doctors Austin - Parmer Eye Care is the premier optometric clinic located in Austin, Texas. We provide state of the art eye care treatment to achieve the best vision and comfort for all eye conditions.

Best OB GYN in NYC -Expert women health care services by Dr. Farris Fahmy, best ob gyn in NYC. Get the best medical or surgical treatment for gynecological care, permanent sterilization, menopusal health, infertility and more. Visit us online or call us at (212) 662-6100 for brief information on our services.

Sedation Dentistry NJ - Dr. Nathalie McOmber & Dr. David Tribula perform finest sedation dentistry procedures in NJ.

Cosmetic Dentistry West Covina - West Covina cosmetic dentist, Dr. Schutte, can help you have that charming and dazzling smile you want by customizing cosmetic dental procedures in accordance to your needs and budget.

Lap Band Surgery - Richard S Wilkenfeld MD is one of the most experienced laparoscopic surgeons in Texas. His practice over 25 years has been dedicated to helping patients achieve weight loss through the safest surgery available ˜ LAP-BAND® System.

Gucci Sunglasses Authentic Gucci sunglasses at unbelievable prices!

Heart Specialist in Georgia - Georgia heart specialist Dr. Nick Tehrani provides advanced and professional medical services for peripheral vascular and other dreadful heart diseases. Serving Central Georgia with offices in Byron, Macon, Hawkinsville, Cordele, Eastman, Perry, Fitzgerald, and Barnsville GA.

Dentistry Lexington - Specializes in cosmetic dentistry, H. David O'Donnell DMD Family Dentistry provides comprehensive general dental treatment in the Lexington, KY. Our staff ensures every patient and the rest of their family receives the highest level of dental care. Call us at 859-963-2711 for complete quality dental treatment.

electronic cigarette review
Utilize review information for the latest device in electronic cigarettes by VAPUR, offering a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco products.

High Blood Pressure Treatment
Levodyn offers natural High Blood Pressure Remedies, to lower the High Blood Pressure using natural supplements. Levodyn is composed of natural herbs that help you lower your blood pressure and thus increase your heart-healthy lifestyle.

Ultrasound Technician
We explain what sonographers do, how to become one, how do schools differ and many other related topics. It's a completely free resource website and people are not offered any kind of services.

Medical Malpractice is an important topic these days in the medical world. The following sites offer good information to anyone interested in this topic.

Important information on Zofran
Many people do not know that Zofran has only been approved for cancer patients battling nausea and vomiting--but the makers of the drug decided to put profits over people and market Zofran to pregnant women with morning sickness.

As a result, many children have been born with birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, clubfoot--and even serious heart defects that have caused death!

Read more about it for yourself.

Addiction and mental health treatment resources available for women are discussed here:

This page on addiction summarizes available governmental, organizational and other resources and makes them easily accessible to those searching for assistance. It includes dozens of the latest studies and external resources for women seeking information and assistance.

This link connects you to an informational birth injury resource to help improve the quality of lives for children with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.

You can also find good information at Cerebral Palsy Guidance with the following link:

Sonoma Health Home

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