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Lease Programs

Why not lease your ultrasound system or Sony Product?

Save your cash and use a medical equipment leasing program to pay for your equipment as you use it. The income you generate when you operate your equipment can pay for the equipment over time.

You can view our leasing options below and start the application process You will get an answer quickly on exactly what your monthly payments will be.

Time to get started now.

Here are some compelling features and benefits when you decide to lease your equipment.

1. Conserve Capital: Protect your savings and credit line. Hedge against inflation and changing interest rates. Increase your borrowing power.

2. Preserve Credit Line: Utilizing leasing/financing for equipment acquisitions conserves bank credit lines for business expansion projects which require working capital.

3. Improve Cash Flow: Use cash to fund pension plans. Equipment can be acquired via a lease without the initial cash outlay necessary for a direct purchase. Revenue generated through the use of the equipment can easily offset lease payments.

4. Take Advantage of New Technology: Practitioners make money using equipment. You need not own it to receive the benefits of its use. By leasing, you may be in a better position to take advantage of technological changes.

5. Leasing vs. Purchasing: When you purchase equipment, you deplete your working capital which can leave your practice vulnerable to the whims of the economy. Purchasing can also prevent you from taking advantage of opportunities because of lack of liquidity. Preserve your discretionary income to fund your pension plan.

6. Tax Benefits: Monthly lease payments, in most cases, are a 100% deductible operating expense.

7. Open-end Lease: Add or upgrade at any time, maintain state of the art technology.

Leasing companies offer a unique consultative approach [based on field experience] well beyond the scope of a conventional lender.

8. Simplified Bookkeeping: Predictable monthly lease or loan payments.

9. Fixed Rate Agreements: No hidden fees or “Surprises.”

10. Continuity and Concern for all Customers

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