Diet is the Basis of a Healthy Life

Eat healthy and stay well! Diet is the answer.

Kate Mack, founder and Director of Sonoma Health, is a graduate of the Institute for Educational Therapy which is licensed by the state of California. She is a Nutrition Educator. Kate’s program at Sonoma Health presents clients with both conventional and naturopathic approaches to nutrition. She has a BA from Colorado State University and has been involved in the field of nutrition for 10 years.

Kate specializes in comprehensive wellness programs which support health, natural vitality and well–being. Her goal is to assist clients "in living" with greater consciousness and awareness of their health through nutritional support and lifestyle changes.

An Individualized health evaluation and wellness program are available. Your evaluation includes:

1. An in-depth personal interview reviewing diet, health history, health concerns, supplements and medications.

2. Written recommendations for a diet of supportive and nutritional food and supplements, and lifestyle modifications, as well as for clinical tests that might be useful in further assessing health concerns.

3. Follow up sessions will expand the initial interview and address additional health concerns.

Kate can also supply a comprehensive computerized Nutritionl Analysis showing what you really eat throughout the day.

Kate Mack Nutrition Educator

Santa Rosa, CA. 707-688-8653                                   

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