"Choose it!"
Helps you pick the right
ultrasond system

You owe it to yourself to compare every ultrasound system you are considering to determine the best system for your practice. Now, with the help of a sophisticated decision-making tool, it's easy to do this comparison.

Use Choose It!, free, to...

a) List all ultrasound systems you might be considering.

b) Enter your own factors, weighting them according to your own situation.

c) Score how well each ultrasound system meets each factor.

It's like magic! A complex question is reduced to bar graph answers. And no, there are no tricks involved. This really will help you find the best ultrasound system FOR YOU.

So if you're not sure use Choose It! and it will tell you.

And here's what is really neat about Choose It!. People use it to solve all kinds of other questions about their business.

Try it to see if it's time to switch to flat panel video monitors or to medical grade DVD recorders.

You can use Choose It! to help you with any decision. Give it a try.

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Question: "What is the best ultrasound system for me?" Step 5 of 5 -- The Envelope, Please! The best possible answer appears below. An overall score and bar chart are generated for each answer according to how well it fulfilled the factors that are important to you, while considering the importance you gave to each factor.

In other words, you decided. Choose It! just provided a framework for you to organize your thoughts and judgments. And then it simply supplied the math to figure out the results.

The beauty of Choose It! is that you actually make the decision. As long as you consider all important possible answers and factors, and as long as you score truthfully and don't guide Choose It! to the answer you "secretly" want, you simply cannot make a mistake. Enjoy!

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