medical grade
DVD recorder
Special price $2995

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It's here! Sony has introduced the replacement recorder for the SVO-9500MD medical grade S-VHS recorders that have been in place for the last 10 years. The Sony DVO-1000MD offers so much more utility than the older S-VHS decks offered. It's time for you to get one now!

Replace your Sony SVO-9500MD S-VHS tape deck with the Sony DVO-1000MD and put all your information on DVD. DVD offers so many more advantages in image storage than S-VHS.

It is completely compatible with your old Sony SVO-9500MD S-VHS deck - so upgrade today.

Please call 707-887-2974 with any questions.

The Sony DVO-1000MD uses industry standard MPEG 2 video compression to capture images with exceptional clarity. The DVO-1000MD utilizes a 80 Gigabyte Hard Drive to store up to 30 hours of video.

Here are some of Sony's features on this new DVD:

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