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Sonoma Store Info, Issue #001 -- Sony Price Increase
September 12, 2005

Sony raises prices August 29th

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Well it was going to happen sooner or later. Sony has raised the price on all their products. As our prices are about as low as they can be without us giving away the Sony stuff, we had to raise our prices as well starting on September 1 2005.

Check out our store for the current price of the Sony products you purchase. (Or you can check out the Sony price List at our main website.)

New Sony Product is a great timesaver

Well there is some good news from Sony too. Sony's new DVO-1000MD medical grade DVD recorder is available now. This is an amazing enhancement to the S-VHS recorders of the past. The Sony DVO-1000MD is a medical grade DVD recorder with a hard drive onboard. It does everything that the old VTR did and more.....

You can now record all your studies on DVD and review them on your laptop or any DVD player anywhere. This is a great time saver and convenience for you.

Give us a call to discuss the new DVO-1000MD or just go to the Sonoma store and place your order. If you mention this email newsletter we will give you $100 off the current price of the DVO-1000MD.

It's really a great machine!

Thanks for your past business - we hope to hear from you again soon.

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