Portable Ultrasound

Portable ultrasound is now one of the best values available in ultrasound equipment. You will find several units that can do the job of the "full size" 450 pound systems and you can carry a portable in your briefcase or backpack.

The Sonosite 180 Plus is one of the first systems in this class and is a great way to start using ultrasound in your practice.

The Sonosite Titan is more powerful and gives you a bigger screen and more processing power.

The Sonosite MicroMaxx is as powerful as most full size systems and comes with a 1 year warranty as do all the Sonosite systems.

Our newest offering is the DUS-6 portable from China. This is a brand new digital portable ultrasound system that can be configured with several different probes. And the price for this system is under $6000 with one probe. This is a brand new system.

Click here for details on the brand new DUS-6 portable ultrasound system

Click here to see the Sonosite 180 Plus portable ultrasound system.

Click here to see information on the Sonosite Titan

Click here to see the Sonosite MicroMaxx (with a 5 year warranty)

The GE Logiq book is another portable ultrasound that can do most of the heavy lifting that the family cousins do in the GE Logiq product line-up.

Take a look at the GE Logiq Book portable ultrasound system.

Ultrasound portability goes beyond simple convenience. It's the ability to take echocardiography into the intensive care unit or to a general physician's office. The portable ultrasound system is redefining ultrasound's role in modern healthcare. It is a technology that can be applied inexpensively and effectively in many situations.

Here are a few of the best values in portable ultrasound available today. Each link will tell you all the features of the system listed.

Sonosite 180 Plus

Sonosite Titan

Sonosite MicroMaxx (with 5 year warranty)

If you have a specific ultrasound system in mind please let us know and we will send you pricing information. Use the form below to tell us what you want.

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