Acuson Cypress

Portable ultrasound system
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Now the medical imaging market has the portable Acuson Cypress ultrasound system that is in the same class as the family of full size Acuson systems. The gold standard for portable medical ultrasound systems has arrived.

This system is no longer made and you will need to buy it as a refurbished system. Price for a 2 probe system will be about $20,000 with a basic 30 day warranty.

The Cypress ultrasound system is a highly miniaturized, all digital, phased array echocardiography system that provides complete studies and outstanding images - even on the most technically difficult patients. Because today’s clinical environment leaves no room for compromise and no time for repeat studies, the Acuson Cypress system offers a full range of medical imaging capabilities. These include harmonic mode, high frame rate color flow mapping, Doppler, stress echo, digital image management and built-in DICOM connectivity.

The Cypress medical ultrasound system allows you to extend the reach of echocardiography throughout your practice. It is so lightweight and portable that it moves readily to all those places where your patients clearly benefit from the diagnostic power of echo- cardiography - from the echo lab to the patient’s bedside, Emergency Room, Critical Care Unit or physician’s office.

The affordability of the this ultrasound system means that economic constraints don't prevent you from offering state-of-the-art imaging wherever the dictates of quality patient care call for it.

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